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RSS Feed

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Receive up-to-the-minute news feeds from TEEX news by subscribing to TEEX’s RSS feed. Subscribers will be able view the latest TEEX news headlines without actually visiting

What is RSS?
RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is an XML-based format for syndicated news and other web content.

How is RSS viewed?
To read TEEX’s RSS feed, a program called an aggregator will need to be installed. Many aggregators, web-based and software-based, are available free of charge to the public via sites such as,, or AmphetaDesk.

Once the aggregator is installed, simply copy and paste the TEEX news URL into the aggregator. This allows one to read the RSS feed without having to cipher through XML code. Having an aggregator installed will also enable other RSS feeds to be read from many other credible news sources such as CNN, Yahoo! and

How to subscribe
Copy and paste the following URL into an aggregator:

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